Planning & Preparing for your next Mountaineering Adventure

I have lost count of the times I have had a conversation with someone where they have announced, ‘I am off to the mountains this weekend’, and after being asked about their route, they respond, ‘Oh, I don’t know.  I will work it out when I’m there; there will be a path‘. OK, in someContinue reading “Planning & Preparing for your next Mountaineering Adventure”

It’s just a tree…… isn’t it?

OK. I admit this is a really random post. But, it is something that has been on my mind after I read an article which basically said that we only see value in trees when they are chopped down. It was a dig at capitalist-value and the damage on the environment, but it did getContinue reading “It’s just a tree…… isn’t it?”

Preparing your kit list: from crampons to Kendal Mint Cake

I have grown up with an awareness of the outdoors and what should be included in essential kit lists for all eventualities.  A daughter of a Mountain Rescue Volunteer and Countryside Ranger, from an early age I was helping with taught navigation sessions and guided walks.  My experience also comes from spending a lot ofContinue reading “Preparing your kit list: from crampons to Kendal Mint Cake”

One Man’s Climb: a journey of trauma, tragedy and triumph on K2.

I love mountains and exploring the outdoors. The further off the beaten track, the better. So it was only natural that I would be drawn to this book. Going beyond abstract thought, this book really gave insight into Adrian’s K2 journey.  Triumph, yes….naturally.  Trauma- wow, beyond any comprehension, and tragedy- the raw reality of theContinue reading “One Man’s Climb: a journey of trauma, tragedy and triumph on K2.”