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Born out of a love of the great outdoors, Berwyn Nordic Walking & Guided Walks aims to provide an opportunity for anyone wanting to walk more, explore the rural landscape, and gain confidence in their outdoor skills. We are based in two locations: North Wales and Shropshire.

Liz is a Nordic Walking instructor, accredited by British Nordic Walking and the International Nordic Walking Federation. Our Nordic Walking sessions are a great way of maximising a walking workout. It complements fitness plans for runners, swimmers, skiers and many more. Though if that all sounds a bit too energetic, please don’t let that put you off! Nordic Walking is also fantastic for returning to exercise. It’s a good social too!

Research into Nordic Walking has proven the benefits for psychological and physical health and wellbeing, and has been found to benefit people living with Breast Cancer, those who have had Cancer, and people living with Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke and so much more.

Nordic Walking can also help with:

  • Posture, gait, and co-ordination
  • Mobility
  • Injury recovery
  • Return to exercise
  • Pregnancy
  • Social Isolation

There really is something for everyone. Please get in touch to discuss how Nordic Walking could help you.

What we offer

We aim to offer something for everyone.

Group Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking sessions are held in small groups. Details to be announced soon – pending Government Advice.

If you would like a session to be held in your area or with your organisation please get in touch.

Weekly Nordic Walks

Weekly sessions will be held for those who have completed the introduction to Nordic Walking course, or experienced Nordic Walkers. These will vary in time and purpose- Details to be announced soon – pending Government Advice.

(For those looking for regular Nordic Walking in Telford and Shropshire please ‘like’ or ‘follow’ our @NordicWalkingTelford on Facebook)

Guided Nordic Walks

Suited for those who have experience of Nordic Walking or have completed a course with us. Walks will take place around Shropshire and North Wales – Details to be announced soon – pending Government Advice.

You will be advised of the terrain and duration in advance. All guided walks will include an option for navigation practice for all levels.

One to One Nordic Walking

If group sessions are not for you, or you would prefer an initial one to one session to see if Nordic Walking is for you, please get in touch.

Please note- one to one sessions for those with health care needs include a free place for a caregiver, partner or friend.

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